Pharma Air Freight

Air Freight 

Operating within GDP guidelines, Avant Pharma provide tailor made airfreight solutions for the pharma industry. Our worldwide services include shipping temperature controlled product, utilizing active and passive equipment with the objective of maintaining the integrity of the product at all times during transportation. Full compliance support is also provided in accordance with Customs and IATA regulations.

Core Carrier Program (CCP)

We help to design and implement core carrier programs that meet our client’s needs.Cost savings are generally one of the primary driving forces for implementing a CCP. However, in our experience it is consistent performance that ultimately decides whether a carrier is a long term partner. Annual review of performance against agreed SLA and KPIs ensures service delivery at the expected levels.

Packaging Solutions

Avant can offer a solution for all your packaging specifications. Whether your cargo requires active or passive equipment we have the experience to recommend appropriate solutions.

For cargo temperature ranges from deep frozen, +2 to +8 C, +20 to 25C and + 15 to + 25 C, we can support you with leasing options on the following packaging types: ◦

  • Active: RKN E1; RAP E2, CSafe RKN, CSafe RAP, Dokash   
  • Semi Active: Containers which are battery driven and cool the cargo utilizing dry ice – RKNt2 and RAPt2 are the main semi-active containers.
  • Passive: Containers which use dry ice and gel-packs to maintain temperature – Vac-Q-Tech, Softbox, Kalibox, Creedo and CSafe are the main equipment options available.  

 Further information available here.

Refrigerated Pickup and Delivery

For the road freight leg of airfreight shipments we can provide temperature controlled van, trucks and trailers with constant running or stop-start functions. All our subcontracted hauliers are GDP trained and operate in accordance with signed TQAs. All routes are planned to take account of security and temperature requirements.

Special Cargoes 

  • Clinical trials and laboratory samples require unique and intricate processes
  • The product launch is a vital phase of the product life cycle and requires precise preparation, planning and co-ordination to ensure a successful coming to market. Avant have the experience to assist in this.

Support Services

  • Maximising load capacity of containers to ensure as little empty space as possible
  • Calculating preferred ship days in order to 
    • avoid weekends/holidays 
    • to ensure prompt clearance and delivery
    • to control lease time for containers
  • Demonstration and familiarisation of active and passive equipment at client loading sites, where permissible
  • Sourcing and supply of shipping ancillaries such as dry-ice, pallet blankets, data loggers, anti-condensation material and batteries
  • In transit services including re-icing and battery replacement in accordance with Sipper requirements
  • IATA DG trained staff can provide information and advice to ensure your cargo is fully compliant with current regulations 

Cost Efficiencies through Operational Improvements

Always mindful of the need to provide clients with the most cost competitive solutions Avant offer assistance with strategies such as moving from active to passive pack-outs and moving from airfreight to seafreight either totally or partially where circumstances allow.


For reasons of inaccessibility, volume and urgency Chartering may be the only viable option. From wide bodied intercontinental jets to local regional turboprops Avant has the experience to match the cargo payload with the most suitable aircraft. We will assess with you the cargo, your timelines and the routes in order to provide the most suitable solutions.

Our partnerships allow us offer cost effective pricing to our clients.


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