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Consultancy - Managed Logistics

We design our freight management programmes to save our customers money. In consultation with our customers, we will design and implement a programme which identifies a best in class solution to maximise supply chain efficiency. Our targets are to reduce cycle time and lower production costs. Our knowledge base allows us match the shipping services most closely suited to our customers’ needs. Prompt customs clearance together with closely managed warehousing and delivery services, ensure the quickest of door to door services. Well-designed IT management reporting tools, allied to meaningful KPIs ensure we deliver on our commitments.

Vendor Hubbing in China

Consolidating containers for export throughout all ports in China. In Shanghai we operate a bonded warehouse in the Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone. This FTZ is situated on the eastern side of Shanghai, close to both Shanghai container port at Yang Shan and also Pudong airport.

A typical project is to receive cargoes from multiple factories throughout China; arrange inbound customs and duty refunds to exporters; store, pick cargo and load containers according to client instructions; outbound customs and delivery to the port for shipping worldwide.

European FCL Distribution

From our headquarters in Ireland, Avant manage projects for the inbound shipping and distribution of containers throughout Europe. We have over twenty years direct experience in the shipping, customs requirements and inland delivery to all countries in Europe. We can advise on transit times, appropriate ports and customs requirements. Having handled many thousands of containers, Avant can also advise on the most cost effective delivery methods, whether by road, rail or river barge.

Fiscal Representation in Europe

We can implement a number of solutions whereby VAT becomes deferred through the appointment of a Fiscal Representative.

Documentation Planning for 3rd Party Shipments

Are you selling your goods on an FOB basis to your European / US Clients? Do you wish to protect the identity or your manufacturers from the end user? Do you wish to protect the identity of your clients from the manufacturer?
We can provide the necessary solutions. Please contact us for details.

Warehousing and Inbound Logistics

The receiving, storing and distribution of incoming goods and materials, properly planned, can result in cost savings throughout your organisation. Working against your ‘'required’’ dates we can organize shipping from multiple origins, using both air freight and sea freight, to ensure maximum efficiency and reduced cycle times.


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