IT Solutions - Client Reporting

IT Solutions - Client Reporting 

Our IT

We view our information systems as a powerful tool which helps us maintain a competitive edge and improve the service level we offer to our customers and partners.
All aspects of our business are monitored and controlled by a fully integrated suite of transport management and financial applications. Our globally shared operations system means all our offices interface seamlessly ensuring efficient logistics solutions and management reporting.
We are committed to ongoing development of new products which will be key to providing our customers with enhanced reporting and tracking facilities and our management with up to the minute visibility of all aspects of our business.
Through IT partnership solutions, we endeavor to create competitive advantage for our customers. We are eager to investigate all collaborative IT possibilities with both clients and vendors

Our Technology

Avant believe businesses are only as flexible as their IT structure and we have made significant investments in our hardware, software and employee training to ensure our customers receive accurate information.

Systems Integration

In today's business environment, companies are constantly searching for improvement opportunities by looking for business allies in their supply chains.This focus on collaboration which requires the capability to integrate systems successfully, has driven our investment in state of the art systems and enables us to optimise integration opportunities with our clients.


Our end to end freight management system provides a solid infrastructure to manage the reporting requirements of our customers. We can offer a high level of supply chain visibility with reporting designed according to our clients’ specific requirements. From Booking and Cargo Status Reports to Milestone Tracking and Reporting, we can provide exactly what is required, when it is required. 

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