Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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We recognise the importance of engaging, motivating, training and protecting our people.  The health and well-being of our staff is a core value of Avant Pharma - our employees are critical to our success. We understand the unique value of our employees, who are the source of our innovation, customer service and good governance, helping to make amazing things happen and ensuring that we act with integrity in how we operate.

At Avant Pharma we appreciate that our strength lies in our differences and we actively promote the value of diversity and inclusion.


We collaborate and engage with our customers on sustainability.

Our clients and suppliers come to us with a confidence based on the knowledge that we offer an exceptional service based on a highly trained and focussed staff together with the latest in IT capabilities.  Avant Pharma is GDP and ISO 9001 certified ensuring clients a world class service designed to meet and exceed the most exacting requirements


Avant Pharma is committed to the highest standards of business and ethical behaviour, to fulfilling our obligations to our stakeholders and to the creation of long term value for all stakeholders on a socially responsible basis. We organise ourselves to run our business responsibly and ethically and look for our business partners to do the same and manage risk appropriately.


The Conflict of Interest Policy provides guidance to Avant Pharma employees who may face situations where conflicts of interest may occur, particularly in the areas of secondary employment and accepting gifts. Conflict of interest occurs when an employee’s personal relationships, participation in external activities or interest in another venture influence or could be perceived to influence a business decision.


Communicating with Government officials and regulators in our markets is an important part of business. Avant Pharma and its employees are required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries where we operate or do business.


At Avant Pharma, we make it a priority that all financial reports contain accurate information and we keep consistent internal financial records. Everyone at Avant Pharma has a responsibility to ensure the company’s resources and in particular company funds are utilised/spent in a wise manner that safeguards Avant’s assets and ensures compliance with legal, accounting, tax and other regulatory requirements.


Avant Pharma is committed to applying the highest standards of honesty and integrity consistently across our operations and in all our business dealings. Our values guide the way we behave as individuals and the way we do business. We are committed to preventing corruption and bribery in all its forms and do not tolerate it in our business or in those with whom we do business.

We strive to uphold all laws aimed at countering corruption and bribery, including the Criminal Justice (Corruption Offences) Act,  UK Bribery Act 2010 and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, (FCPA 1977) in all the countries in which we operate. Our policies encourage staff that have any suspicion of bribery or other form of corruption within or related to Avant Pharma to report this suspicion.


The majority of concerns about issues at work can be easily resolved. However, sometimes it can become more difficult to know what to do when concerns involve breaches of the law, serious misconduct, health and safety matters or financial reporting. The Protected Disclosure Policy provides guidelines to employees on appropriate means of reporting alleged misconduct and to encourage employees to freely voice concerns without feeling intimidated about sharing those concerns. Retaliation against any individual for reporting a concern or cooperating in an investigation will not be tolerated.


Avant Pharma is committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all its stakeholders and will take appropriate action against any person that is involved in, or assists with, committing fraud and will actively seek appropriate recourse against all parties involved in fraudulent activity. The Anti-Fraud policy defines what constitutes fraud and what is expected of employees in relation to the prevention and reporting of fraud.


Our Anti-Money Laundering Policy informs employees that money laundering is not tolerated at Avant Pharma. Money laundering is defined as the practice of disguising the origins of illegally-obtained money. Ultimately, it is the process by which proceeds of crime are made to appear legitimate. Employees should exercise good judgement when dealing with unusual customer transactions and report any suspicion of money laundering to their manager.


At Avant Pharma, we maintain the trust of our customers and providers by developing and providing high-quality services in a fair, ethical, and legal manner.  Information about competitors, customers, and providers is a valuable asset in a highly competitive market. However, no illegal or unethical means of obtaining this information will be tolerated. No information should be sought or used that would violate antitrust laws or laws and contracts protecting proprietary data.


We have earned our customers’ and employees’ trust and work to protect that relationship. Private information must be kept confidential, protected by appropriate controls designed to minimise loss or damage through accident, negligence or deliberate actions in accordance with our information security policy


We manage Avant Pharma’s business in a responsible way, reducing our environmental impact whenever possible.  Avant Pharma recognises that the economic activities of its own operations may have impacts that could threaten the environment. We are therefore committed to a responsible approach to the environment and take into account the consequences of our activities. With regard to the environment we specifically commit to:

  • protect and enhance the environment;
  • use natural resources efficiently and optimally;
  • use renewable energy sources where possible;